J. M. Hays Wood Products - Jefferson City, Missouri (1921 – 1925)

Outstanding model Superior mallard drake in all original paint and condition. Very thick original paint with strong paint swirls on the breast and tail. Crack on the bottom of the decoy that was originally filled at the factory. Some marks around the body from an old anchor line.  Original eyes with right being cracked, but all in place. (Item 929) Asking Price: SOLD

Victor Animal Trap Company - Lititz, Pennsylvania (1918 - 1972)

Victor D-4 Imperial mallard hen decoy in mint original condition and paint.  Rare round body style with finer detailed wing carving.  Head turns on dowel rod.  Retains original Animal trap stamp on the bottom.  Includes original weight.  Circa 1954-1960.  (Item 432)  Asking Price: SOLD

It is unfortunate, but each of us is limited in dollars and/or space in order to keep all the unique items we find.  Below is a list of items from our collection that we are willing to offer for sale.  We are always reevaluating what we are willing to part with, so check back frequently.  If interested in purchasing anything specific, please contact us via email at DecoyRelics@yahoo.com or the old fashioned way by phone at (708) 448-3061.  If there is something specific you are looking for, please let us know.  Good Collecting!

Sperry Decoy Company - New Haven, CT (1920 – 1930)

Goldeneye drake decoy in all original condition and paint. Virtually no wear to the decoy, but may have been coated with varnish years ago. One shot mark to the center of the circle on the right cheek. Previously weighted, eyes intact with no cracks.  Head turned slightly to the left. (Item 945) SOLD

Herter's Decoy Factory - Waseca, Minnesota  (1900 - 1977)

Herter’s Model Perfect mallard drake in excellent (almost mint) original condition and paint made by Artistic Woodcarving for Herter’s.  One of the best I have seen in a long time.  Glass eye, hollowed out from bottom with bottom board.  No scars or imperfections, slight head separation.  Circa 1940. (Item 301) Asking Price: $650.00

Herter's Decoy Factory - Waseca, Minnesota (1900 – 1978)

Pair of small body canvas over cork mallards (model 169). Both have the later head style with detailed carving. The drake has two shot marks on the left side of the head. There are 4 tiny shot marks on the left side of the canvas. Original glass eyes with no cracks. The hen has a sleeper head with a strong canvas pattern. Tiny tear on the right speculum. (Item 938/939) Asking Price: SOLD

Petersborough Canoe Company, Ontario (1900 - 1950's)

Mallard hen in near mint condition.  Outstanding scratch painting.  Typical (2) two 2 1/4 inch holes in the bottom to hollow the decoy.  (Item 926) Asking price:  SOLD

General Fibre Company - St. Louis, Missouri (1949 – 1975)

Miniature early model #375 salesman sample mallard drake decoy.  Very strong original condition and paint.  The tip of the bill is not blunted, but missing a small amount of paint.  The tip of the tail also missing a tiny amount of paint.  Otherwise in mint original condition.  Measures about 7 inches long.  Cork in the bottom, but no felt.  Circa 1969. (Item 855) Asking price: $95.00

Shipping and Packaging

All items exclude shipping costs.  Once you place your order, we will determine the actual shipping cost based on your preferences and add them to your total.  We do not charge extra for packaging of products unless the product requires special packaging to assure safe shipment.  Please inquire about shipping costs when placing your order.

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Victor Animal Trap Company - Lititz, Pennsylvania (1918 - 1972)

Very rare and unusual Victor D-4 Imperial bluebill hen decoy.  This is rare since the hen is an original sleeper.  Retains the original keel and eye hook.  The decoy is in strong original paint with virtually no wear.  Small amounts of chipping, tail crack that is stable and original from the factory pre-painting.  Circa 1954-1960. (Item 870)  Asking Price: SOLD

Herter's Decoy Factory - Waseca, Minnesota  (1900 - 1977)

Model 181 canvas over cork goldeneye hen decoy in absolutely outstanding condition.  No tears or rips to the canvas.  Nice pattern details are visible.  Eyes are both original with no cracks.  Retain original weight.  Circa: 1939 -  1942/3.  (Item: 427) - Asking Price: SOLD

Gundelfinger Wood Products Company - Jefferson City & St. Louis, MO (1925 – 1929)

Very nice matched pair of blue winged teal decoys. Drake was previously weighted with a bar weight that has been removed. Hen has a pad weight which is still intact. Very strong original scratch paint. Solid body decoys with the original glass eyes with no cracks. Minor paint chips especially on the hen. Very good strong pair. Circa 1920's. (Item 860/861) Asking Price: SOLD

BenzieJo Decoys - Fred and Jo Anne Campbell - Campbell Fish Decoys - Benzonia, Michigan

Very nice 8 1/4 inch steelhead decoy in unused condition.  These decoys have been carved by Fred and painted by Jo Anne since 1997.  Painted eyes with metal fins and a curved tail.  Weighted and signed "BenzieJo Decoy, Steelhead, 4/04, USA".  Nice original working decoy. (Item 930) Asking Price: SOLD

Herter's Decoy Factory - Waseca, Minnesota  (1900 - 1977)

Decorative (1893 Series) Widgeon drake, mint original condition and paint. Glass eyes, nice paint style, not stamp on the bottom.  Circa 1972-1978. (Item 158) Asking Price: SOLD

Wildfowler Decoy Factory - Point Pleasant, New Jersey (1961 - 1977)

Model Superior Brant decoy in absolutely outstanding original condition.  Some very minor scuffs on the right side of the head as seen in the photos.  Eyes are both original with no cracks.  Retain original keel and strong Point Pleasant stamp.  (Item: 815) - Asking Price: SOLD

Tuveson Mfg. Company - St. James, Minnesota (1919 – 1942)

Very clean pair of Tuveson mallards. Very strong original condition and paint, in near mint condition. Both have been previously weighted, but never used. Eyes are intact with no cracks. Small knot on the left hand side. Small neck seam visible, but no separation. About 1/4 of the neck filler is missing on the right side and some right side bill wear.  Small neck crack, but no major separation (Item 927/928) Asking Price: SOLD

Herter's Decoy Factory - Waseca, Minnesota  (1900 - 1977)

Herter's model 339 canvas over cork mallard hens in outstanding dry condition.  All original with minor wear.  Brass bands.

(Item 436) Straight Head Asking Price: $245.00

(Item 553) Feeder Head Asking Price: SOLD

Item 468) Sleeper Head Asking Price: SOLD​​